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Penn Station 7th Street
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Technical Director
Javan Mukundane

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    Case Study: sprinktech

    Sprinktech has installed solar water pumping irrigation systems for farmers in Kalungu district, Central Uganda. The system comprises of a movable solar pump, Irrigation hoses and sprinkler for small holder farmers ranginging between one to three acres.
    Most farmers in Kalungu district have practiced subsistence farming with less returns which has frustrated their efforts to fight off poverty and provide basic needs for their families. Changes in weather patterns due to global warming have caused unreliable rainfall in the region which has seen crops dry out and planting seasons have been greatly affected. This causes scarcity of essential foods and causes prices to increase. The farmers efforts have been frustrated by lack awareness of solar Irrigation technologies developed by SPRINKTECH in partnership with Ennos Sunlight pumps to provide the much needed irrigation in dry seasons using the abundant energy from the sun
    With Sprinktech solar solutions, farmers use the movable solar pump that utilizes the abundant solar energy to irrigate their crops. The sprinkler ensures uniform distribution of water to achieve the irrigation depth required.
    The farmers are now able to plant all seasons thought the year and most importantly sell off the food in the local markets that boosts their house hold income. This is also helping in poverty alleviation which is in line with Uganda’s vision of achieving middle income status.
    The pump is easy to operate by both young and old, less maintenance (no fuel), portable can be used by an organized group of famers. The mobility of the pump aides the farmers to move from one garden to another and utilize the scattered water sources in individual plots of land.


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